Equipment Application



Are you a construction company trying to sell your equipment online in all languages? Do you need it customized to your needs? If so, our Equipment Auction Software is the most effective solution to sell your equipment!

Simple & Effective

We combine all the features you need in a simple and intuitive interface. Show high def pictures, HD video, show or don't show pricing, display your sold products in the results and hundreds of other customizable features.

Equipment Application Admin



View traffic metrics, popular referral terms and sites from the admin dashboard.

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Easily Manage Equipment

Quickly import/add new products, categories, colors, seasons, etc from the "Product Management" section.

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Manage Categories

Quickly create main and sub categories for the products.

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Drag Drop Categories

Quickly change the order of the categories displayed on the front end.

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View Requests

View customer requests in real time, see the offering for the equipment and communication notes.


Equipment Application Front End

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Keyword Search

Powerful keyword search across all pieces of equipment. Customers can quickly find the piece of equipment they need.

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Search Filters

Customers can filter results pages by manufacturer, price or any other filter found within each product.

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Equipment Information

Customize all of the categories of information your company is selling.

Equipment Picture Video Thumb

Videos and Pictures

Customers need high definition photos and videos to evaluate equipment. This application gives you these capabilities.

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Powerful Equipment Zoom

Give customers the power to zoom on the piece of equipment.


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